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I'm Rick.  I'm a portrait photographer in Denver, Colorado.  I've always appreciated art and visuals.  I'm a fan of legendary film makers, street artists, and portrait photographers.  All of that has contributed to my personal visions and creations as a photographer.  

I have worked in professional advertising sales, and am currently a photography teacher at the high school level.  I have an undergrad in Mass Communications and an M.Ed. in Education.  What does all of that even mean and how is it relevant?  It means that at my core I truly enjoy working with people, whether it was with businesses developing comprehensive marketing strategies, with my students helping them develop their passion for art and creativity, or now working with amazing people helping them create visuals that they can cherish and be proud of.  I believe this love for connecting with people shows itself in my work. 

If you want to create something with me, if you have a creative vision, if you would like an event or an experience documented in a unique way, please contact me.

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