Chillin' in bookstores and 8 degree weather with Gypsy Ganja

I met Cassandra (@gypsyganja on IG) on Instagram and we decided to link up for a photo shoot.  I had some general ideas (and love her look) and was looking forward to getting some cool work done, but I couldn't figure out where to shoot with her.  I've become the king of neon lights it seems, and I love working in low light settings (night clubs, indoors, at night, etc) with alternative light sources like bar lights, but I wanted to work in more neutral light with Cassandra and let her be the showcase.  However, I did bring an external flash which I'll touch on here in a sec, and was excited to see what it could do.  

I did some digging and located a pretty dope little book store on Broadway in Denver.  Gallagher Books, 1454 S. Broadway in Denver, is a very small store. has wonderful depth in the rows of books for sale, which I found very striking.  So that's where we decided to meet up.  She was running a little late so I killed some time and wondered through some surrounding antique stores and two other books stores.  I actually found and purchased a Jeanloup Sieff coffee table book of some creative nude portraiture that is so dope.  JeanLoup was a French portrait photographer, who had gained notoriety for all of his work, but especially his nude work.

Cassandra showed up with her boyfriend (@whoisLOs on IG) who was a super cool guy, and he's also a performer who I hope to work with at one of his shows.  We started working, and he went shopping for books.  Win, win.  And FYI, Sue at the book store is one of the sweetest people I've ever met in my life.  She offered us snacks and water while we were shooting.  She melted my heart.  Anyway, here are some of the shots from Gallagher's.  Note Cassandra's dope WuTang beanie.

It was bitterly cold outside that day, like single digits, but we decided to go outside and get some work done if possible.  Plus, I had my new Flashpoint XPLOR 600 HSS TTL with me and I was excited to play with it and see how I could creatively incorporate the flash into my vision.  If you're interested I will include the Amazon link below so you can check it out.  Flash let's you break a lot of rules, like shooting into direct sunlight, etc.  I blasted my shutter speed through the roof, attached my Godox Remote Trigger, backlit Cassandra with the Sun, and did my best.  Peep.

It was a fun shoot and I'm looking forward to working with Cassandra again.  I'm a bit behind on some posts that I have been meaning to update, but I'll be grinding on here quite a bit, so keep a look out.