Chasing rain, clouds, and semi-frozen mountain lakes with my mystery girl.

I'm a high school teacher.  This means that I'm lucky enough to have a considerable amount of time to pursue this little emerging passion of mine.  During the week of my Thanksgiving break at the end of November I was pretty busy with family in town, painting my kitchen, and watching football.  However, I did find some time to go shoot and get some captures outside of my main focus lately (creating portraits), and it was a ton of fun.

I swooped up a friend who I wanted to go explore with, plus I needed help, but time spent with cool people is fun either way.  Her only stipulation, "don't show my face!"  I was down.

First thing I wanted to do was get some captures that I had a few specific presets in mind for and see how much I could tweak them to get like a super dark, moody feel.  Plus, mystery girl had the whole no face thing, so it kinda aligned anyway with what I saw in my head, which I could only describe as American Horror Story intro video-ish.

We grabbed an umbrella and headed out to the location.  I'll just say this about location, the Rubicon ended up being caked in mud, and we nearly wandered into the heart of a camp of homeless people, but we spread positive/creative vibes and made it work.  One of these may make their way to the gram next Halloween, you saw it here first.  Peep.

We were muddy and sufficiently cold after this so we made a quick coffee run and then called it a day, but luckily she was willing to put up with me another day during the week when she was free so we drove to some very nearby spots in the south end San Isabel National Forrest and just wondered around and started shooting.  It was cold, but I would describe the air as refreshingly crisp, it was fun.  Then we found a frozen lake so I sat on a fallen tree.  Peep.

Creatively it was a fun couple of days and I look forward to more days exploring and looking for dope shots.  Let's go create!